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To make a purchase please call 

414-258-4010 or contact your Chief Steward

Help our Union Brothers and Sisters by buying Union-made, American-made products and services whenever possible. With today's economy, it is more important than ever to "Look for the Union Label." Why? Because the union label signifies product quality, skilled work and added value. When you ask for union-made goods and services, you help keep good jobs in the community and make America stronger. Whether it's for school clothes, summer clothes, gifts, household merchandise, automobiles, or any other purchases, ask for the union label for quality and value. You'll be glad you did!


We have a variety of CWA clothing for sale at the local office: 6511 W. Bluemound Rd (normal office hours 8am - 4:30pm).

For more Union made products, please click on the following link: BUY UNION MADE. 

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