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Committee Chairs can be contacted at the Local, unless a number is listed for them.

Anyone interested in serving on a committee should contact the committee chair. 

If you're interested in chairing a committee, contact President Greg Tennyson.

Committee Chairs are appointed by President Tennyson in January.

2022 Committees and Chairs:


If the committee name is highlighted below, click on it for more information.  

If the committee name is not highlighted call the local at 414-258-4010 for information.

Audit Committee

Wendy Fonseca 

This committee is required by the CWA Constitution to review the Local's financial statements and records

Building Committee

Greg Tennyson

Community Services Committee

Mira Radulovic

 The purpose of this committee is to assist members and their families receiving services which are available

to them from the Local and the Community.

Editors Committee

Rich Hinderholtz

This committee is responsible for the layout, printing and distribution of the Local Newsletter - The Wiretap.

Any member may submit items for consideration.  You can e-mail articles to

Education Committee

Dru Zellmer 

This committee is charged with assisting officers in training and education of stewards and members.

Election Committee

Carrie Dercola

The purpose of this committee is to handle all elections of the Local including absentee ballots and coverage

of polling locations.

Women's / Equity Committee

Shawne Stephens

The responsibility of this committee is to ensure the involvement of the Local in affairs pertaining to

women and ethnic groups both within the company and the community at large. 

Finance Committee

Wendy Fonseca

The committee's purpose is to examine and help guide the Local's financial position and to prepare an

Annual Financial Budget to meet the Local's needs.

Legislative Action Committee

Alafia McMurtry

This committee is active in voter registration programs and advises the membership on pending legislation

which is relative to our members.

Mobilization Committee

Carrie Dercola

The committee is responsible for developing and coordinating activities for mobilizing the membership.

CWA Strong/Next Generation Committee

Adam Schelske

To develop and mentor the next generation of leaders within our union.

Occupational Training Committee

Greg Tennyson

The purpose of this committee is to conduct appropriate training sessions to prepare

members for job qualification tests.

Organizing Committee

Zach Stoner  

This committee has the responsibility of assisting with organizing all non-Union employees within the Local's jurisdiction.

Recreation Committee

Josh Bailey

This committee is responsible for all athletic programs of the Local.

Safety Committee

Dru Zellmer

The committee is charged with keeping the membership informed on current regulations concerning safety

requirements of the federal an State Government agencies.

Special Events Committee

Sue Baumann

This committee plans all of the Local's social functions; i.e. Recognition Banquet, Family Night,

Children's & Adult Christmas Parties, etc.

Work Protection Committee

Greg Tennyson

The committee is charged with regaining traditional work lost to outside contractors and

prevent erosion of future work.

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