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Grievance Form AT&T

Grievance Forfeiture Form

Grievance Settlement Form

Grievance Tracking Form

Request for Relevant Data Form

Statement of Occurrence

(For members who wish to file a grievance.

Please fill out and return to a Steward)

Incident Report

(Unsafe/Dangerous Incident Report Form)


Payroll Voucher

Mileage Voucher

Mobilization Voucher

Meeting Expense Voucher

Expense Voucher


All cards must be turned in to your

Local Political Activists, Keisha Hollis,

the Local office,  or your Steward.

You can also FAX to the Local Office

at 414-258-8542 or

email card to

COPE Thank You Gift Form


For Stewards ONLY

For ALL CWA Local 4603 Members

To print any form, click on the name of the form

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